20-23 February 2020


Frölanderz - extraordinary outdated dance music

We bring you the greatest dance hits from Resele, Junsele, Anundsjö and Tåsjö, in other words dance music from famously swinging Ångermanland.

Fascinating polskas, comfy schottisches och of course the occasional party polka for the picky and experienced dancers of Umeå. Frölander herself and Anna Nordesjö are two Ångermanlanders who found eachother in Umeå and who've played for dances together for several years. Here they team up with the harmonium aficionado Kristina Bergström, who got completely knocked out by the music of Ångermanland at Umefolk 2019.

Ulrika Frölander – Fiddle
Anna Nordesjö – Fiddle
Kristina Bergström – Harmonium