20-23 February 2020


Throughout the past decade, BJÄRAN has created a strong name for themselves on the Scandinavian folk music scenes. Inspired by the treasure trove of traditional tunes of Mid-Sweden, the band creates music that's been compared with movie soundtracks, hard rock and pop. It's beautiful and lyrical, aswell as suggestive and heavy.

The band has released two critically acclaimed albums and gone on successful tours. They've won prizes, worked together with Maxida Märak and created several shows together with the circus company Cirkus Elvira.

Bjäran follows their desire for constant development, finding new possibilities and reaching new soundscapes. With their new instrumentation; vocals, violin, saxophone, synthesizer, guitar and drums, all performed by the four original members, they create a narrative music and lyrics that evoke emotions.

Bjäran will release their third album (O)SYNLIG(T) at Umefolk 2020.

Magdalena Eriksson – Violin/viola, vocals

Christian Cuadra – Saxophones, synthesizer

Peter Bonde – Guitar

Mattias Mårtensson – Drums, percussion