20-23 February 2020
Foto: Stellan Backman


Let's open Umefolk with a bang! Together with some of the musicians who play at the festival, two hundred children and youths from Sweden's music schools create an extraordinary concert. Want to join? See the tab Allspel 2020 how to do it. Of course you can also just sit back in the audience and experience this massive musical mashup. 

Here's a video from last year's Allspel:

What even is an Allspel? 

An allspel is normally seen at a 'spelmansstämma' or a folk music festival. All the musicians present, professionals and amateurs alike, go on stage and play a couple of commonly known tunes. The allspel is led by an 'allspelsledare'. Here at Umefolk we use a wider interpretation of the word; an opening concert where anything can happen.

So go ahead, bring your instrument or just your voice and come along! If you want to prepare, there's sheet music and information about practice times under the tab Allspel 2020.